Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Best Spinner Update

The Best Spinner has been updated and even more features have been added.

I was part of the Beta Testing and I liked it a lot while testing it. It is now out of Beta and the development is still going on. For a very inexpensive program---under $100 per year it has become a complete website content builder for me. I have posted over 100 articles in a couple of hours---I spent several hours building the content to spin.

The speed and quality of the spin that I can produce is significantly better than other software I have used.

Now you can post directly from the The Best Spinner software to your Wordpress blogs. While it is pretty simple to copy and paste this is even more simple.

Jonathan Leger has been updating the software and fixing bugs on a daily basis.

This has become a much better program than I when I first started using it.

“The Best Spinner” is now a major part of my daily internet marketing work. The forum for The Best Spinner has been very helpful also.  It multiplies the work that I do.

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