Thursday, December 23, 2010

How to Make a Website Work

Here is a great article on Original Content.

I am a big fan of using only Original content on your website.  I believe that by only using original content you eventually will do a much better job with the search engines.  In the last ten years the search engines have advanced a ton in their ability to not pull up the adsense scraper sites in the search engine results. 

The days of the Machine Scraper sites are very limited.  If your content is not original it will not rank in Google.

Here is a link from Wikipedia on User Gernerated Content:

The term user generated content entered mainstream usage during 2005 having arisen in web publishing and new media content production circles. Its use for a wide range of applications, including problem processing, news, gossip and research, reflects the expansion of media production through new technologies that are accessible and affordable to the general public. All digital media technologies are included, such as question-answer databases, digital video, blogging, podcasting, forums, review-sites, social networking, mobile phone photography and wikis. In addition to these technologies, user generated content may also employ a combination of open source, free software, and flexible licensing or related agreements to further reduce the barriers to collaboration, skill-building and discovery.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Your list of Page Links

Build a list of all the pages you would like to have more links to.  Order the links so that many of the pages that are nearly the same are in one list.  Then build an article around the links. Then rotate the links through the article.  Now write another paragraph about another group of your links and spin that.  Do this with several of your links and you now have a group of paragraphs that you can put in almost any Web 2.0 page and use for linking to the pages you want to promote. 

For instance I have five different pages that I promote Jon Leger's Best Spinner on.  I put them in a list and then I wrote a little blurb about the The Best Spinner.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Best Spinner Update

The Best Spinner has been updated and even more features have been added.

I was part of the Beta Testing and I liked it a lot while testing it. It is now out of Beta and the development is still going on. For a very inexpensive program---under $100 per year it has become a complete website content builder for me. I have posted over 100 articles in a couple of hours---I spent several hours building the content to spin.

The speed and quality of the spin that I can produce is significantly better than other software I have used.

Now you can post directly from the The Best Spinner software to your Wordpress blogs. While it is pretty simple to copy and paste this is even more simple.

Jonathan Leger has been updating the software and fixing bugs on a daily basis.

This has become a much better program than I when I first started using it.

“The Best Spinner” is now a major part of my daily internet marketing work. The forum for The Best Spinner has been very helpful also.  It multiplies the work that I do.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

How the Best Article Spinning Software Works

The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger has grown to be a tool I employ daily within my affiliate marketing business. This is a very simple write-up on How to use "The Best Spinner" by Jonathan Leger.

My Online Marketing Enterprise Objective

What I am seeking to do is place as many artilcles as well as as many backlinks as possible in the time I am spending on the web. Pages, Links and Time is my personal Mantra. In my mind what I want to do is place as many well written web pages of content and also as many anchor text links to those pages as I possibly can. I bellieve the easiest and fastest technique to get webpages to rank well in the major search engines. Get a lot of articles along with having links to those posts . ric-2-15-10

In this case Time has two meanings. For one I want to complete as much as possible with the time I devote and two I want to have the articles on the websites for the maximum time as possible. The longer a site has been on the web the better the site would seem to be ranked with Google .

How The Best Spinner Works

After i write and article I put that article into "The Best Spinner" software program and spin it. This process involves picking out relevant substitute words for the document I have composed. This software is in fact very good at helping me spin the post. When I have finished spinning the document I save it to my hard drive so I can use it or part of it again. After that I click on the spin button. The application randomly chooses from the alternative words I have chosen and creates a complete document.

How Good is "The Best Spinner" Output?

The outcome will rely on how conscientious you are at creating and spinning your articles. I take my time while content spinning to be sure that every alternate phrase fits properly. Many of the earliest articles and reviews I authored and spun were a bit chopped up. I pushed too hard to have a lot of optional terms for each word and occasionally they turned out a bit choppy. With more experience I have improved and I believe most of my spun content is probably undetectable as having been spun.

Sample Spun Output

This is my initial sentence:
I have taken this sentence and spun it in The Best Article Spinner by Jon Leger to show you what the output can look like.

  • I have utilized this phrase and spun it in The Best Spinner to exhibit you what the result can look like.

  • I have utilized this sentence and spun it in The Best Spinner to show you how the spun content can change.

  • I've utilized this sentence and spun the words in The Best Spinner to exhibit you how the spun content can change.

  • I've used this sentence as an example and spun it in The Best Article Spinner by Jon Leger to exhibit you what the end result can look like.

  • I have used this sentence as an example and spun it in "The Best Spinner" to show you what the output may look like.

  • I have used this sentence as an example and spun the words using "The Best Spinner" to show you how completely different the sentence can look after spinning.

While composing this article I took my original sentence and spun it. Then to show you I put different results from the spin in each of the bullet points above.

Steps to obtain the Best Results from Jonathan Leger's " The Best Spinner "

  1. Compose one article per day.

  2. Spin the article

  3. Publish it in lots of places with a few links in each post

I oftentimes have the the spinning software working with three or four articles on the spinner. Push the "Spin Article" button and "The Best Spinner" generates several unique pages at once.
Next I separate the pages and add all of the recently constructed spun pages to the website or blog I am posting to with A variety of links on each page you construct. Once you wrap up creating and spinning the articles you can easily construct and submit a lot of pages and links rather quickly.

Construct a list of all the pages you have built which you would like to have a better rank in the Google, Yahoo and Bing. Add A couple of links to your high priorty pages on each page you post. If you have the option of putting more links on the squeeze page put the next three links toward the articles on the free (Web 2.0) sites that you are positing your artilces on.

You can build a lot of links quickly this way!


Mistakes I have made

Sometimes when I am writing I change from first person (I ) to second person (You) sometimes. After I wrote this article I went back and made certain it was all in the first person before I ran it through the "The Best Spinner". Also I always would like to be certain I don't flip between single to multiple in the same sentence.

I am more diligent with my spun content. I go back and critically proof read them before I spin them because if you have a mistake and then spin it, your mistake can multiply.

I hope you enjoyed How to use The Best Spinner by Jonathan Leger. It is an inexpensive yearly software program that I use daily. I love it.

Here is a link to an instructional video on how to use The Best Spinner.

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